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How to use
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The Lube Challenge! Featuring Davey Wavey & Laci Green
Davey Wavey Challenges Laci Green to Lube and see is she up to the challenge?

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Butt Talk with Laci Green and Davey Wavey
Laci Green invited Davey Wavey to answer questions from her followers regarding anal sex. And they had a fun time with it!

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Wet Finds Funniest Uses for Personal Lubricant
Wet searched for the funny people in Hollywood and struck gold with this guy.

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Wet® Nuru™ Massage - How to Nuru
Nuru is a style of massage that originated in Japan.

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Product Reviews
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Dr. Lauren Streicher visits WESH-TV for Women's Health Issues
How pleasurable sex can be possible with Wet Platinum

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Outrageous Knight In Shining Armor Proposal
Catch Percy's surprise when his knight arrives for this storybook wedding proposal.

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Lube Your Tube with Wet Platinum!
Funny Wet commercial showing how slippery and silky our premium silicone lube can be.

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Chelsea Lately discussing Kosher Lube on her TV Show
Chelsea Lately with three comedians debate the benefits.

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