Why Use A Flavored Lubricant?

Why Use A Flavored Lubricant?
March 21, 2016 kylenew

       Do You Ever Wonder: Why Use A Flavored Lubricant? Cupcake

Here’s Why.

  1. It’s Fun. Changing things up in the bedroom is a great way to keep your sex life more interesting and passionate. Something as simple as cooking your partner a gourmet dinner, and taking them to the bedroom for “dessert”, can leave you both fantasizing for days about the encounter.
    Our Sweet Kisses™ Flavored Gift Set Gives You Two Dessert Options: Frosted Cupcake and Salted Caramel.

    Our Sweet Kisses™ Flavored Gift Set Gives You Two Dessert Options: Frosted Cupcake and Salted Caramel.

  2. Enhances Oral Sex. Wet® Flavored Gel Lubricant is an excellent way to keep things Wet, particular for a woman giving oral sex to her man. We recommend applying it liberally on to him and licking it off as if he were a lollipop. For women, apply it to her clitoris and go to town. Flavored lubricants are also a great way to cover up the taste of latex when using a dental dam or condom, during oral sex.
  3. Creates a More Intimate Experience. My favorite thing about flavored lubes has nothing to do with oral sex. After Body Mapping my partner, I put a drop of the lubricant to the most sensitive areas of their body, one spot at a time. Since a common erogenous zone is the neck, try starting out by applying a drop of the lubricant to the curved area of their neck and shoulders. Then, slowly and sensually kiss it off your partner using both your lips and tongue. You can also Wet® Fun Flavors® 4-in-1 Lubricant to enhance intimacy because it warms on contact with your skin and is highly recommended for massage. As you massage your partner in the area of their choice, you can also tickle them with your tongue, all while enjoying a sugar-free, sweet tasty treat.


  1. I could not resist commenting. Well written!

  2. Susan 1 year ago

    I love flavored lubricant, I hate it when it taste nasty!

  3. Melissa White 9 months ago

    I love the wet flavored brand.its the only kind I buy.I cannot find it in local adult stores anymore they carry the unflavored ones.I’ve used kiwi strawberry. It taste great no aftertaste at all and the flavor last a long time. I’ve tried other flavored brands only to be disappointed.ill stay with wet flavored I have orderd online new flavors and I’m hoping I’m just as happy with those.

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