And the Award for Sexiest Olympians Goes To

And the Award for Sexiest Olympians Goes To
August 10, 2012 Wet
ryan_swimmerThe 2012 Olympics are almost over (this Sunday marks the end), and during the past couple of weeks we’ve been treated to a dizzying spectacle of athletic prowess and bangin’ bods. Which athletes are sexiest? Tough call, but Wet Personal Lubricants endeavored to find out.Here’s what the company’s survey of 438 people found:Respondents thought…
• Female beach volleyball players have the sexiest bodies. Male swimmers are the most sexually appealing.
We wholeheartedly agree! We could watch gold medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings play v-ball all day. First, because they’re an unstoppable team and so inspiring to watch, and second, because we covet those awesome sinewy curves. Also, jeah, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps!
• 69.4% of responders reported working out regularly increases their sex drive. 74.8% of responders are most attracted to those who “work out occasionally and are generally healthy.”
Now that’s inspiration to hit the gym if we’ve ever heard any.About Wet: Founded by Michael Trigg in1989, Trigg Laboratories, Inc. manufactures premium sexual wellness and consumer healthcare products at its 52,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, CA.  As the parent company of Wet® International, Inc., an international leader in personal lubricants, aromatherapy massage oils and intimacy products, Trigg Laboratories develops, formulates and packages all of Wet’s 80+ products onsite.  Tested to comply with stringent FDA Medical Device regulations, all formulas are developed to ensure exceptional purity, consistency and comfort levels.  Currently available in 62 countries, Wet® is sold by adult specialty boutiques as well as food, drug, mass merchandise retail, including most major U.S. drugstore chains.


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