Living on Lube in the Real World DC TV Show

Living on Lube in the Real World DC TV Show
March 28, 2010 Wet
Posted Apr 1st, 2010 11:27 AM
(Written by ANGELES—Wet Kiwi Strawberry flavored lubricant was recently featured in an episode of MTV’s The Real World: Washington, D.C.Frankly, we’re not sure what surprises us more: The fact that such a great lube was featured on a mainstream cable TV show, or the fact that The Real World is still on the air. (Aren’t the original housemates collecting Social Security now?)Regardless, in the show, housemate Andrew is playing around with a bottle of the lube that was apparently left in the house by crew members in the hopes the young, hip, attractive, and oh-so-representative-of-today’s-youth people who are living in the home would hook up and create great television.Instead, Andrew walks into the dining area as three female roomies are eating, and proceeds to break the seal on the bottle and pour some straight into his mouth. While the roomies appear a little grossed out, Andrew insists that the lube is “very sweet” and pretty tasty.“I’m gonna use this as a dressing” on salad, he said.He encourages the girls to taste the sexual treat, insisting, “Nah man, it’s delicious! Sugar free!”The bottle gets a quick product shot in Andrew’s hand before the camera pans up to him talking about his latest “girlfriend” with the housemates.Wet’s silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, latex-friendly, flavored lubricant can be seen in the clip at here to view on


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