Wet Synergy Plus Cool Tingle Lubricant Review

Wet Synergy Plus Cool Tingle Lubricant Review
August 22, 2011 Wet
I know I have mentioned before my love for sexual aides.I am not ashamed to say I have a collection of accessories to make bedroom time more fun.Sometimes it might be an outfit,toy,lube or a lotion..you just never know.My newest item of interest is the Wet Synergy Plus Cool Tingle Lubricant.This latex friendly,water based lubricant is designed to provide long lasting moisture..with a kick. Being familiar with Wet products I was sure I would like the lubricating effect of this lube,and I was right.It moisturizes without being sticky,so no running to wash your hands before you finish playing! It is easy to use too,just open,squeeze a little into your hand and apply where needed.Because it is latex friendly,you can even use this with all your favorite toys! Read full article


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